The Mulan

The reel intersects with 50 paylines. In normal games, adjacent reels on any one line require at least 3 symbol types, starting from the left and worth winning, although there are several other bonus symbols that work differently. . Anyone who doesn't want to spin a minimum of 0.50 and wants to practice first can try the Mulan video slot for free, although there is no real cash reward for this option. Once the bet level is determined, you can also automatically set the number of reels to rotate as needed, or choose to speed up each rotation and get results faster when needed.

The lower value of the victory comes from the standard playing card symbols, each symbol is presented in a beautiful gold color, making them stand out. When stopped on 3, 4 or 5 reels, the 10, J and Q symbols will be paid 5 times, 15 times or 75 times the line bet respectively, where K and A each pay 10 times, 20 times or 100 Times. The Warriors' helmet will receive 15x, 50x and 150x line bet wins, as well as seemingly deadly spears, and the highest paid standard symbol is a bright green horse, (don't ask why, we don't know either) and a red Dragon. When falling on 3, 4 or 5 reels, each will pay 20x, 100x or 250x line shares. #TheMulan #PlayTheMulanNow #TheMulanSlot #TheMulanLive22

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