Sea World has a simple set of controls to use, so we think that without our help, you will start and run immediately, but here are the full details, just in case it is more confusing.

One of the reasons you may end up feeling confused is because of the starting amount of 64 coins. It sounds like a lot of money, so you can forgive me for shutting down there, but stick to it, because you won't spend as much money as you think. This is because each credit that makes up a coin is only worth 0.01, so the first bet can be as low as 0.64 - how good is this?

In addition to this, there are only two switches on the screen: Help and Auto. Helps explain what each symbol adds when it finds a certain number of symbols, and also briefly describes what is involved in the game. The only problem is that it is kept to a minimum and therefore not so useful. #SeaWorld #SeaWorldSlot #PlaySeaWorldSlotNow #SeaWorld918Kiss

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