The Miami Slots is a 3-axis, 5-payline slot machine that is easy to play. Bets can be rotated from as low as 0.10 or as high as 2.00 - this doesn't sound a lot, but up to 5 coins can be used per rotation to increase the amount that can be won by spinning a reel.

But keep in mind that when you use extra coins and usual bets, each spin will cost more. Technically, the more you bet on each spin, the more you win.

One feature that comes with this slot machine is the auto-rotate feature, which lets you sit down while the game is playing automatically. To use this feature, simply select the number of bets you want to rotate each time - including the coin value and decide how many times you want the machine to play for you.

You can sit down and watch the reels, but if you want to get back control of the slot machine, you can stop auto-rotating at any stage. #Miami #MiamiSlot #PlayMiamiNow #MiamiJoker123

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