Marvel Avenger

On the five reels of the game are the icons of all the superheroes in the Marvel Avengers series, except for the Avengers logo and the SHIELD logo, which act as scattering and wild symbols respectively. In general, players can play up to five bonus functions because luck is right beside them.

In the main game, the first reward feature is The Revengers Assemble On Reels, which are activated one by one on the specific payline with the appearance of Nick Fury, Captain America, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man, and receive 10 times the reward. Original shares.

The most interesting and fascinating reward feature known as the Hero Wall unleashes the possibility of a rewarding return. This feature is activated by the appearance of the three Avengers logos anywhere on the reel. This is when the player enters the wall with the 20'A' icon and should make a choice until three matching superheroes are found. This further led to the free spin feature of the three superheroes. The revealing of the Loki symbol leads to the end of the bonus function, and the player can see the total prize and then return to the main game screen. #MarvelAvenger #PlayMarvelAvengerNow #MarvelAvengerSlot #MarvelAvenger3Win8

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