Great China

Giant pandas only live in most parts of China. In this game, you will appreciate the beauty of this country. The scrolls are set in the mountains and the snow peaks stretch to where the eyes can see. In the foreground and in the distance, the dotted pagoda gives you no doubt exactly where you are, but you won't see a disturbing heart.

The color is very soft, just look at the scene in front of you, you will feel the feeling of tranquility.

In sharp contrast, the scrolls and game boards are bright and colorful, and the red auspicious colors are once again the focus. You'll also find a lot of gold and gold-plated symbols in a gorgeous and rich game.

On the reel, the panda appeared, and after a long time looking for the bear, you will be satisfied.

Now that you have found this wrong creature, you can start looking for prizes and cash yourself!

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