Golden Tour

The Golden Tour is a simple video slot with a bright golf theme. The slot has only five paylines, but the lines are left to right or right to left. This distortion makes the Golden Tour one of the most unique slot games on the web. Welcome to this eco-friendly, good online gambler to try out the Golden Tour at any Playtech casino to get real money.

Players can start their golden journey adventure by choosing their coin size. The amount ranges from $0.01 to $5. Then, the player selects how many of the five are by clicking the "Bet One" button. To keep all five lines in effect, please don't adjust anything. Unlike other video slots, gamblers cannot bet multiple coins per line. Once the game has set up the way you like it, just click the spin button.

The golf theme symbols with the theme of flags, carts and clubs will extend down the reel. A pair of golden golf balls can replace brown and/or grey golf balls. Lucky players can win from left to right and right to left in the field combination. However, the real big money comes from the bonus round. Just three consecutive moles, ducks or fish can activate this exciting feature. #GoldenTour #GoldenTourSlot #PlayGoldenTourNow #GoldenTourAce333

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