Fortune Fest

As previously written, the Chinese theme is prevalent in the “Wealth Superstar” online game, with its wonderful images and festival-related features and symbols. This slot machine offers up to 35 coins for classic symbols. The winning combination can bring in an extra amount at the beginning of the game.

After some rotation, get the original symbols: 2 red types of fireworks and Chinese gift wrap. For a combination of 5 identical Fireworks symbols, you will get a pocket of 20 to 100 coins. For the next icon, you can get up to 150 coins. The image of the wise Chinese plays the role of the wild sign. 3-Wild-symbol combination pays 50 points, 4 symbol combinations - 100 coins and 5 symbol combinations - 500 coins. #FortuneFest #FortuneFestSlot #FortuneFestMega888 #PlayFortuneFestNow

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