Dessert Treasure

Desert treasures occur deep in the arid desert, under clear blue skies and ruthless sunshine.

The background of the game shows the deserted landscape of the desert and the rock, and the scroll stands with a beautifully decorated stone frame. Designed with Islamic inspiration, it has thin white columns, domes and intricate stone carvings. The attention to detail is very significant and the visual atmosphere is very immersive.

However, in terms of audio, developers keep music to a minimum. The only sound you will hear is triggered by the combination of rotation and winning of the reels, but they are fairly generic and have nothing to do with the theme of the game. This is a shame considering the truly amazing work in visual design. #DessertTreasure #PlayDessertTreasureNow #DessertTreasure3win8 #DessertTreasureSlot

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