Casino War

At the beginning of each game, each player must make a casino war bet ("main bet"). won

The main bet, the level of the player card must exceed the level of the player/dealer card.

If the player and the player/dealer's cards have the same level, the player can choose to enter the "war"

Player/dealer. Players must bet again equal to their main bet to exercise the "war" option, ie

The player/dealer also matches the player's main bet and places it next to the player. Then the dealer "burns"

Three cards and deal cards to the player. The dealer "burns" another set of cards and hands over the card

Player/dealer. If the player's card ranks higher than the player/dealer's card, the player wins "war."

If the player's card has a lower brand than the dealer's card, the player will fail. The winner of the "war" collects all

The money and dealers on the table started new games. If the card between the player and the player/dealer is the same

Ranking players in the "war" wins "war" and pays an extra amount equal to their bet. #CasinoWar #PlayCasinoWarNow #CasinoWarMega888

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