Age of God : Fate Sister

In Playtech's "The Age of God" series of games, the myth of the ancient Greeks will once again be resurrected for you. This time, online, you will meet sisters of fate. They are called Moirai in Greek mythology. You can guess from their names that they will determine the fate of the mortal. Even more exciting is that they will be free to play here to determine your chances of winning. It will be another exciting and absorbing slot machine in the collection of the gods. The three destiny sisters will carry their Greek names: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. When they control people's lifestyles, they show their power, and each person's life process is shown as a clue. This thread is handled as follows: Clotho is responsible for rotating the thread, then Lachesis measures the thread, and finally Atropos is the thread that determines the end of life by cutting off the corresponding thread. #AgeofGod #PlayAgeofGodNow #AgeofGodSlot #AgeofGodRollex11 #FateSister #AgeofGodFateSister

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