8 Ball Slot

This classic slot at Playtech Casino has only one payline. For this reason, the game is very simple. As one would expect, the goal of the game is to match the 3 symbols on the payline. Matching 3 colors/numbers pays the most, and the pay table at the top of the reel explains the value of the different balls. Color or numeric values don't matter because they are unique to each ball. It is also beneficial to rotate 3 stripes or solid balls (balls with white numbers). When 3 8 balls hit the reel, the jackpot will be paid. You can choose to increase the bet from one to two coins. As shown on the right side of the payment form, the payment amount is increased by 2 coins. #8BallSlot #Play8BallSlotNow #8BallSlotMega888 #8Ball

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